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FR-KZ Center Geo-Energy : Geosciences and Energy


Geo-Energy (CGEn) as an outpost of French universities in Kazakhstan in the field of natural sciences

The term “Geo-Energy” means “Geosciences and Energy” and includes two themes we are developing: Geosciences: underground resources, their geology, hydrodynamics, production, mining, modeling, unconventional resources, and Renewable Energy: green electricity, its production, storage, conversion, electrochemistry, materials. This allows us to really treat a very large spectrum of research themes and to create an important scientific association that unites together a lot of Kazakhstani and French laboratories-partners.

Deepening and broadening our cooperation in the framework of the Center Geo-Energy, understood as "Geosciences and Energy", is the strategy of our development. This is consistent with the political interests of the French government (Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Ministry of Foreign Affairs), which considers the Centre Geo-Energy as one of the most important projects of higher education and science in Kazakhstan.


Center Geo-Energy was created in course of 2009 – 2010 on the initiative of   three universities (INPL-Université de Lorraine, KazNU and KazNTU) and with the  support of the French embassy in Kazakhstan.

The objective of the Centre is to develop R&D projects and training in the field of Geosciences, by involving in them the scientific elite of Kazakhstan and France, and to form new scientific elites of Kazakhstan through joint research activity.





Address in France: Address in Kazakhstan:

Univerité de Lorraine



KazNU Al-Farabi

2 avenue de la Forêt de Haye

71, prospect Al Farabi

BP 3 •54504

050040 Almaty• Kazakhstan

Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy • France